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Live Your Light Webinars

If two heads are better than one, what might a group of like minds co-create? Quantum growth! This is the vision and purpose behind Live Your Light Webinars, a kinetic virtual community that elevates our evolution to a results-oriented art form.

The Premise:

People are feeling a profound hunger for meaning and purpose in their lives as never before. We're living an extraordinary moment in time. Some call it the kairos, or pivotal moment in which to act. In essence, we're stepping into the Star Trek maxim: daring to boldly go where no one has gone before. The Internet itself is one manifestation of this global shift in consciousness. Personal and planetary evolution aren't just buzzwords any longer; they signify a ripeness. Throughout the world, we're feeling it in our bones – even if we lack the language to express this yearning.

Live Your Light Webinars are a playfully profound opportunity to help us remember, reclaim, clarify and begin to live the truth that calls out to us to be expressed. We're making these meta-leaps collectively, so when one of us "gets it," it brings everyone that much closer to realizing their truth. Facilitating each other in this process is like going into warp drive: breaking through invisible barriers to achieve a new level of travel, as teammates in service to the Light.


  • Call and Response
    • How do you respond when change whispers in your ear?
    • Giving yourself permission to be passionate
    • Living in the question
    • Enlarging the lens of possibility

  • The Fear and The Laughter
    • Making friends with fear
    • Becoming an artist of the heart
    • Lightening up into our enlightenment

  • Doing the Work
    • "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it." (Goethe)
    • Initiation and inspiration
    • The tests of mastery: confirming what you know

  • Being the Change
    • "If we have a 'why' of life, we can get along with almost any 'how'." (Nietzsche)
    • Unfinished business
    • Gratitude and joy
    • Living the both/and in an either/or world

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