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Wisdom Circles and E-courses

Becoming whole – embodying our feminine and masculine energies, both within ourselves and as a planetary organism – is the creative quest of our time. In this ripe moment of personal and collective possibility, we're all beginning to remember who we are on a soul level, and to integrate these energies as never before. Whether you call these complements yin/yang, lunar/solar, magnetic/dynamic, receptive/assertive, or light/dark sides, in essence it's about sacred reunion. When we are able to forge this profound connection first in our own hearts, the joy and the love we then have available to share in relationship increases exponentially.

The following e-courses are designed to facilitate your movement towards harmony, wholeness, and joy, by guiding you to amplify and anchor the feminine frequency.

The Inanna Initiations e-course

Glowing Report:

"Honestly cannot describe this process - I just know it's beyond powerful, and holds a clue to my future self. Thanks for creating it and for showing up in my life."

–R.H., Canada

Are You Hearing the Call to Remember?

Dare the Descent!

The Inanna Initiations will take you deep into your primal awareness, so you can access the tools you need to live from conscious choice and personal power as a beacon for others, now.

This e-course is designed to accelerate your transformation. You'll journey through seven stages of release and regeneration (corresponding to the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body), beginning with the waning Moon cycle and completing at the next full Moon. In the first fourteen days, you'll surrender aspects of your being that no longer serve who you're becoming. In the latter two weeks, you'll reimagine yourself into a deeper awareness, purpose and wholeness.

The story of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna is one of the oldest tales of transformation through symbolic death and rebirth that exists. Ancient Sumer, located in Mesopotamia, the "cradle of civilization," is the exact site of modern-day Iraq. The healing path asks us to remember and honor our roots in order to renew ourselves and our world. A myth, according to eminent mythologist Joseph Campbell, isn't something that never happened; it's something that is always happening.

In the Sumerian epic, Inanna dies for three days and three nights. The focus on three most likely originates with the lunation cycle: the Moon disappears from our sight for three nights every month. The dark Moon is when new ideas are seeded, to be brought to fruition on the full Moon. One of Inanna's many titles is, "First Daughter of the Moon."

Similarly, your personal descent, or "dark night of the soul," as it's sometimes called, necessitates a period of metaphoric darkness, when you must release what you know and open to something beyond, in complete surrender. This is the "death" of your old self.

Inanna passes through seven gates, which correspond to the seven chakras. At each stage, a release is required. After three days, she is reborn, different than before. She returns, complete, having integrated the knowledge of Heaven, Earth and Underworld.

Inanna's story speaks to us of the tremendous power that can be gained from risk-taking, and trusting our intuition. Her independence, courage and resourcefulness are a model for all of us today who seek self-knowledge, making our own personal and collective descents to the Underworld.

The 7-part e-course is just US $33. You can register right now through PayPal's secure server.

Glowing Report:

"I recently began the Inanna Initiations and wanted to share the initial notes I wrote in my journal after going through the materials the first time ...

'I actually do not have words for what I am feeling right now but will start with RE-NEWED ~ RE-DEDICATED ~ FULL-FILLED (and bursting at the seams) & READY to embark on this PROCESS!'

Amara's done an amazing job of consolidating an infinitely complex process into easy-to-digest and understandable language which will help you do the work.†Sometimes on the really difficult tasks in life ~ like personal transformation ~ we quit or postpone because it is overwhelming.†The Inanna Initiations makes you WANT to do the work so you can BE the NEW YOU! If you are truly ready to shift and willing to invest in your Self, this is an excellent program to work with during this powerful time of internal and global shifts."

Kelly M. Beard, intuitive astrologer

Loving Our Lunacy e-course

The purpose of Loving Our Lunacy is to yinify–that is, to unify ourselves in the Divine Feminine essence, to wed our masculine and feminine energies for internal and external balance, harmony and peace at every level of co-creation.

This is an experiential opportunity for you to explore your essence at a core level, by reclaiming and celebrating life in a female body.

Through story, song, movement and ritual, we will resanctify ourselves, honoring what it means to be 'woman' and beginning to live this truth out loud. Come embody your sacred self in a virtual circle of sisters, realign with your natural rhythms, re-member ("make membership again") your true heritage as healer.

In this e-gathering, you'll discover how to celebrate your cycle with practical spiritual tools you can use in your own life, and pass along to young women as a coming-of-age blessing. Includes an introduction to the indigenous 13-Moon Calendar and the Mayan sacred Tzolkin, which are synchronized with human biology and Earth cycles.

You can register right now through PayPal's secure server. The e-course is just US $39.

A complete course outline follows.

Loving Our Lunacy

Part 1

  • How to Cast the Circle, from Ceremonial Circle
  • Four Elements Medicine Wheel Prayer
  • Invocation to the Directions from Sister Moon Lodge
  • Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions by Jose ArgŁelles
  • Naming ritual
  • Invocation to Kali, by May Sarton

    Part 2

  • Ovaryation
  • Witnessing
  • My Story
  • "Loving Our Lunacy" poem by Amara Rose
  • Re-Storying Your Life
  • The 13-Moon and Mayan Calendars
  • Your Galactic Gateway
  • Moon Visioning
  • Grounding Exercises from Dragontime

    Part 3

  • Loving Our Lioness and Our Mouse
  • Roaring Your Raspberry Power
  • Embracing Paradox Through the Five Elements
  • Feeding the Sacred Fire
  • "Some By Fire" poem by Dawn Callan
  • Labyrinth Walk
  • Independence Day
  • Questions to Ponder

    Part 4

  • The Grandmother Dance
  • "Poem In Praise of Menstruation" by Lucille Clifton
  • Singing
  • Thanking and Releasing the Directions


    Why Walk the Path of the Thirteen Moons?

    For thousands of years, women's ways of knowing were an accepted fact of life, and people lived in harmony with natural cycles. Many people all over the world in what we might consider "uncivilized" cultures still live this way. They know that just like the moon and the tides, we wax and wane, ebb and flow, have our light and dark sides. These peaceable cultures initiate their young women and men into adulthood with rites of passage at around age thirteen, and acknowledge their elders as vessels of wisdom and contained power who can shape our collective vision for the future.

    It's time now for Western women to remember (make membership again) our true heritage as healers, as she-who-bleeds-and-does-not-die. Returning to the Thirteen Moon cycle, which is synchronized with human biology and Earth rhythms, will strengthen our powers of perception and help us reclaim our innate knowing.

    In truth, it's only since we became so "civilized," and started living by the clock on the wall instead of by our biological clock, that we began to forget who we are and to feel a sense of alienation, of being adrift without a compass or a map for our lives. Most of us today feel loonier, not lunar. We think we have to always be "on," living at peak performance level. It's like being a full moon all the time, with no respect for the fact that we're encoded to embody all the phases of the moon cycle.

    We're now living in a time of revival of the feminine in all people. It's a cosmic union of the male and female aspects inside each of our own beings. Matrimony literally means, "union in the Mother." We're reclaiming, owning and honoring the truth of who we are. "Lunacy" comes from the word lunar, because it was originally believed that women were more sensitive to moon cycles, especially during our bleeding time. Shamanic healer and author Vicki Noble, who created the Motherpeace tarot cards, calls being in tune with our feminine cycle, "learning to lead from the womb." Loving our "lunacy" allows us to get in touch with the part of ourselves that we keep hidden, to embrace the magic and the mystery of our embodied wisdom.

    ©1999, 2002 Amara Rose

    Loving Our Lunacy

    Lifestreams of my mothers
    Quicken in me
    As I flow more fully
    Into remembering:

    This river that began
    Before Eve,
    Renewing itself forever
    As Edentide.

    The font and the crucible
    Fire and water;
    An alchemical wedding
    Ripening in my womb.

    I am original blessing
    Witness to the wonder
    Cycling through seasons and centuries
    Of rebirth, and

    She is the eye of this moment
    Seeing through me
    The truth of the beauty that is
    Who we are.

    ©1999 Amara Rose

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