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Business Alchemy

Before you can successfully focus on revenue, profits and development, you have to clarify your purpose, mission and values. Why does your business exist? What is your vision? I invite you to think in a "story-centered" way. Answer these questions thoughtfully:

  • What is our signature story/defining statement?
  • Is this story serving our mission? Is it aligned with our core values?
  • Are we telling the right story to the right audience(s) at the right time?
  • Do our team members know – and embrace – our story?
  • Do our marketing materials support our story?
  • How can our story be repositioned to generate greater results?

Ready to get started?

Email us now. Together, we'll evaluate your current story and align it with your vision and values to foster greater harmony, prosperity and opportunity at every level in your organization.

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Services offered:

  • Content marketing. How do you package and present content so your intended audience receives value and your business grows as a result? What's the ideal mix for your company: social media, articles, blogs, enewsletters, video? I'm your content strategist.
  • Web content. Writing for the web is an art. Optimized content that tells your signature story with panache helps site visitors make informed decisions that expand your brand's bottom line.
  • Blogs. Your blog must attract readers in order to boost business. When one company hired me to help build brand awareness through blogging and social media, they skyrocketed to Page 1 rank in a relevant keyword search. Read the testimonial.
  • Newsletters. Because newsletters are a prime marketing tool, it's vital to create content that voices your vision. An effective newsletter keeps your brand top of mind with key audiences, delivering value on a consistent schedule.
  • Article writing/editing. As a seasoned freelance writer and ghostwriter, I'll craft a compelling story around your message. When the article appears in a targeted business or trade publication, it establishes or builds your professional credibility.
  • Case studies. Stories sell. A well-crafted client story that showcases how your product or service solved a problem speaks to a prospect's "pain points". And that's when – and what – people buy.
  • Brochures, booklets and e-booklets. Even if your business comes primarily from word of mouth, a brochure or booklet describing what you offer is a useful "leave-behind" for prospects. Digital versions can be a good email follow-up tool.


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  • "Amara Rose is an exceptional business coach and writer. She helped name my new change management business, developed a compelling tagline, and created web content that delivers my message in a fresh, inviting way. I have continued to rely on Amara for business letters, input on web design and business cards, and overall direction for Ocentiv. I recommend her as an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur, as well as for an established business seeking to re-brand for growth."

    –Olivier Ngueda, Founder/Chief Change Artisan, Ocentiv

  • "Since Amara began blogging for HECMWorld, we get three times the reader interaction and comments of the leading industry news site! And her strategic SEO has catapulted our brand to page-one ranking in keyword searches. We greatly value Amara's insightful, informative and creative contributions as they continue to build interest in our business."

    –Shannon Hicks, President, Reverse Focus, Inc.

  • "Amara has crafted a variety of high quality content for our new online marketing business, including a web tutorial, blog post, article and dictionary for social media infographics, and we've been consistently delighted with the results. Working with Amara saves us considerable time and helps us better serve clients, as her deliverables are always spot-on, with no need for revisions. I will be using her services again and again, and would highly recommend Amara to any business requiring top quality content, strategic branding, or social media expertise."

    –Brook McKeon, Founder, Ampervize

  • "Amara has a tremendous amount of energy and a deep compassion for others. She offers sophisticated suggestions, provides excellent resources, and can assist you in defining your vision and developing a rewarding career. She is also a savvy content creator who can help you brand your business and promote it online for maximum results. I am fortunate to have her in my network and enthusiastically recommend her to others."

    Mary-Alice Miller, Founder, (now part of

  • "As part of the website development team for PATCA, a professional consultants organization, Amara Rose crafted results-oriented content that surpassed our expectations. Project leads for PATCA members have more than quadrupled since the new site went live."

    –Helen Kennedy, owner of Kennedy Consulting Services and PATCA Marketing Consultant

  • "The Passive House article is REALLY nicely done! An amazing amount of technical information, delivered clearly and accurately, and the literary references take it to an entirely different level beyond its outstanding technical competence. Thank you!

    –Graham Irwin, principal, Essential Habitat

  • "My wife and I both read the entire article in NorthBay biz and we were both very impressed. You actually listened to us and presented what we said. I have been interviewed many times by local press, San Francisco press, Los Angeles press and national press. Rarely does final print reflect much of what I actually said. That was not the case this time. It was a very accurate representation of our conversation. Thank you."

    –Paul Krsek, Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer, 5T Wealth Management LLC

  • "I had struggled with writing my website for five months. The basic information was there but I felt it was dry and uninspiring. Then Amara arrived. Her penetrating questions brought forth my enthusiasm and descriptive expression. After interviewing me, she creatively and eloquently articulated the spirit and vibrancy I had not been able to convey. I highly recommend her, as both a writer and a coach. Thank you for your brilliant skill and expertise, Amara!"

    –Laisha Kneuven, Certified Ontological Life Coach

Please email us today to discuss your unique needs, or phone toll-free: 1-800-862-0157. We look forward to helping you expand your vision.

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