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Get Unstuck: Light Your Inner Fire, Ignite Your Potential!

NEW! Tiered Levels

We're living in extraordinary times. The old answers don't serve anymore – in fact, our biggest challenge may be discovering the questions! Having a light coach assures a smoother ride through the rapids.

Think of Amara as your Personal Evolution Partner: a catalyst, compass, candle, resource network – and occasional kick in the pants. She's lived the transformation from the inside out, making her a potent wayshower for you now. Read her personal story, Learning to Live My Light.

If you're hearing an inner call to create conscious change in your life, to ignite your passion, to bring your wholeness into full, authentic expression in the world, you're standing at the crossroads. Heed the call! This is where metamorphosis begins: moth into butterfly. Confusion into clarity. You into your true purpose and potential.

Ask yourself these questions now:

  • Am I living by deadlines – or by lifelines? Living by lifelines is living by intention, rather than by accident.
  • Am I out of touch with the people, places, activities and energies that feed my spirit?
  • Am I committed to finding the resources – social, emotional, financial, spiritual – to move forward, in the direction of my dreams?
  • Could I be happier?

If you answered "yes" to even one of the above questions, please contact Amara today. There's a direct doorway to joy with your name on it.

With a life crafting coach in your corner, you can:

  • Recognize and transmute stressful patterns into creative energy
  • Access and align with your inner wisdom
  • Develop practical strategies and tools to give your vision a voice
  • Master the art of successful change
  • Live on purpose, in tune with your deepest truth.

Amara's areas of expertise include spiritual development, personal and professional transition, creative expression, holistic healing, environmental wellness, and life/work balance. She especially enjoys working with healers and spiritual seekers who are emerging into their light and discovering how to best share their gifts.

A brief, complimentary consultation will help us determine whether we're a good fit for your needs now. Of course, there is no obligation.

When we decide to form a coaching alliance, the next step is either an in-depth intake session, or your first Discovery Journey. This will depend on the style of coaching that suits your needs.

Light Coaching. Shining as radiantly as you deserve? If you're exploring life purpose and ready to dive deep, Amara recommends the Light Coaching program. We start with an in-depth Intake session, which lasts 90 minutes to two hours. We'll identify core concerns, then develop a results-oriented road map to help you successfully traverse new terrain.

Following the Intake session, you'll begin regular Light Coaching sessions, usually by telephone but possibly in person, depending on where you live.

NEW! Tiered Levels: You decide how rapidly you want to evolve:

  • Silver: 2 sessions/month, 30 minutes each + 2 email exchanges per week
  • Gold: 3 sessions/month, 30 minutes each + up to 5 emails exchanges per week
  • Platinum: 3 sessions/month, 45 minutes each + unlimited email
  • Diamond: Self-directed, ideal for entrepreneurs. Up to 10 calls (maximum 15 minutes each) + unlimited email. Optional marketing/branding/content development, TBD.
  • Discovery Journeys. If you're seeking accelerated guidance on a specific topic or issue, the highly focused "Discovery Journey" may serve you best. This two-hour intensive includes an e-summary of Action Steps created during the session. The Discovery Journey will be unique to you and your process, yet always invaluable in terms of the potential unleashed and road maps revealed.

    Business Coaching. Are you ready to expand, or move in a different direction with your business? Amara's extensive background in corporate communication and as a small business owner, coupled with her marketing/branding expertise, will clarify and catalyze your next steps. Visit Business Alchemy to learn more. The Diamond package is often an ideal fit for visionary change artisans on an accelerated growth trajectory.

    Referral Reward Program. You'll receive one FREE 45-minute Light Coaching session, or $50 off the Discovery Journey fee, for each person you refer who becomes a new client. If you enjoy networking, this can be an ideal way to receive FREE coaching.

    If you're committed to creating conscious change in your life, email Amara now to learn more.

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