August 2021, Issue #239    

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"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness."

~ Brené Brown

The Tao of Now: Cycology

I was introduced to a fascinating psychologist who wore a baseball cap bearing an image of a bicyclist. My subconscious registered the cap, but it wasn't until deep into the conversation that I focused on the word written beneath the image: Cycologist. It took me a beat, then I burst out laughing, exclaiming, "Oh, that's great! I'll have to use it."

Amusingly, he doesn't ride a bicycle; just loves the wordplay as much as I do.

The Cycles of Now

Isn't it intriguing how a subtle shift can grab our attention? In a sense, we're all cycologists now, cycling through rapid shifts and trying to keep our balance, even if we never pump the pedals on two-wheeled transport.

How can we become better cycologists in these tortuous times, when it often feels like we're pedaling uphill around hairpin turns on a daily basis?

Aluna Joy says, "This is a time where we will be challenged to face our most sensitive, vulnerable places. It is also an opportunity to discover our new strengths and superpowers, only to see that it was fear, indecision and illusion holding us back all this time. We are diving into the deep, which can swiftly, and out of nowhere, take us to our knees with irrational fears and painful, past-life memories. Sometimes we will not even know why we have cried ourselves into a fetal position.

"It is time to do this. It is one of the last phases before we can enter our mastery and arrive in a new world. For us to finally heal the very traumas that we thought we were supposed to hide away, guard and protect, we have to allow that deep part of us be totally vulnerable, uncontrolled and naked."

Just Act

Interestingly, Aluna adds that overthinking will block our way. It is time to move. She writes, "Make a choice, any choice ... and remember that there is no wrong choice. That is all it takes ... to take the first step. All paths lead to God and to our divine light. There are no wrong turns.

"We may never be able to find a clear choice as we once did. It is a new world that we are entering, and the way that we navigated in our old world has already shifted. It is gone, and it is not coming back. So quit waiting for it."

Evolutionary astrologer Isaac George concurs. He writes, "The revelations that will confront us from the July 24th Full Moon to the one on August 22nd will be focused on the delineation of reality versus illusion, truth versus falsehood, sovereignty versus servitude, and cooperation versus self-interest. The Saturn in Aquarian Era, soon to be fortified by the greater Pluto in Aquarian Era, will be testing us to choose wisely, and then act from that wisdom fearlessly and without hesitation. There will also be many revelations about what's been hiding behind the curtains that will come fast and thick between the Full Moons and for months thereafter.

"Here is a 5-Step program you can use your free will on:
  1. Get super clear about your internal alignment spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Examine and alter your belief system and values.
  2. Speak your truth, even at the cost of alienating or losing long-time friends, family or social standing.
  3. Be okay with isolation or going it alone, as you will want to magnetize and be magnetic to others who are soul kin to you, then the isolation will not matter any longer.
  4. Discover how to live more simply and cultivate self-sufficiency.
  5. Examine your deepest fears and be proactive in addressing your shadow material. If you need assistance, find assistance. Surrender your need to be right so you can be peaceful. (That one takes a lot of self-care)."

Cycling to Infinity and Beyond

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says, of the upcoming 8:8 Lions Gate, "Many of you who were previously feeling 'stuck' or 'uncertain' or 'unmotivated' will step up to your new responsibilities on the Planet.

"You will become Human Angels and Galactic Shamans, you will guide people and do ceremonies to honour the Emerging New Earth. You will become leaders who will gently guide and support your communities through the Earth changes and transitions to the New Earth Consciousness. Be prepared, Beloved Ones, it will be quite an experience!"

Now that we're all becoming practicing cycologists, wending our way among the stars in awakened consciousness, we have the privilege of facing everything we've kept hidden, healing the (in some cases) lifelong trauma, and saying YES to who and what we truly are.

What I wrote in August 2019 is equally apt for now:

We are cycles within cycles within cycles, an alchemical Möbius strip of Love and Joy and Release. I invite you to become a crucible for all possibility, igniting your radiance as a beacon for those to follow on the awakening path.

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  2. Now that we're all becoming practicing cycologists, we have the privilege of facing everything we've kept hidden - and saying YES to who we truly are. via @LiveYourLight

  3. How can we become better "cycologists" in these tortuous times, when it often feels like we're pedaling uphill around hairpin turns on a daily basis? by @Amara_Rose

  4. Be okay with isolation or going it alone, so you can magnetize and be magnetic to others who are soul kin to you. by @LiveYourLight

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Shine On

  • 8:8 Lions Gate Portal: The Royal Codes Activation Ceremony. Live from the magical isle of Crete, Jennifer Ashira Ra and Crete master sound healer Asimina Stamopoulou guide this powerful transmission August 8, from 1-3:15 pm EDT. Zoom and in person. This powerful Stargate marks the beginning of the new 2022 energies streaming into Earth.

  • Sound Healing Global Summit: Join 35 sound healing luminaries August 9-13, 2021, including Eileen McKusick, Jonathan Goldman, and Jeralyn Glass, to experience myriad vibrational methodologies, including harmonics, tuning forks, sound baths, and voice - and even the application of sound in Feng Shui.

  • How to Be At the Right Place at the Right Time: Mastering Alchemy webinar August 12th (replay available). Jim Self says, "We often miss what we want because we don't see what's right in front of us. Or we show up before or after it's arrived."

  • The 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination. Stewarded by Patricia Cota-Robles, this year's Congress will be a live 2-hour virtual event held every day from August 14-19, 2021, with replays available. Be sure to register in order to receive the replay links.

  • Getting Well Tuned: Jasmuheen discusses how to up-level our energy for maximum benefit in these exceptional times.

  • Being Simply Beautiful: 10 minutes of wisdom and Light from someone who knows what matters in life.

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