May 2022, Issue #248    

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"Let your mind wander in simplicity, blend your spirit with the vastness, follow along with things the way they are, and make no room for personal views - then the world will be governed."

~ Zhuangzi, The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu

The Tao of Now: Radical Reinvention

Spiritual counselor and astrologer Heather Roan Robbins, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during my awakening journey in New Mexico, reminds us that during this turbulent transitional time, "We can do powerful magic, but strong emotions and anxiety can distort our intuition. As Jupiter conjuncts Neptune, it can bring to a head any ongoing negative-Neptune problems like collective fears, passivity, and flooding ecosystems.

"We have to choose to stay grounded in the process in order to use this Neptune wisely; feed our soul and our imagination, vision the future, but also rigorously add action to our dreams."

As we enter the second Mercury retrograde of 2022, from May 10-June 4th, Jupiter also hops from Pisces to Aries until late October, providing the energy for a radical review, repair, refresh and reimagining.

There's a total lunar eclipse May 15th, with Sun and Moon squaring Saturn, fundamentally reorganizing foundations and structures. Archangel Michael says, "You are rebirthing for your place and space in the New Earth."

River-Running Without Life Jackets

It's a flume ride year, with our etheric bodies tethered to soul truth.

Archangel Michael affirms, "When you are open and connected to the field of Nature, you are able to create and generate miracles in your life. The Divine Flow is magnified and synchronicity is accelerated. That is why being in Nature can be such a healing experience for you.

"When you are out of balance and the energy field is distorted, being within a coherent field allows you to balance and heal your field through a process of resonant assimilation.

"And when you are a Master of Energy and a Multidimensional Being, you can be a healing force where Nature has been damaged and distorted. Your powerful energy signature manifests a creative field that can assist Nature to return to coherence and harmony."

Michael suggests we allow ourselves to "implode," if that's what it takes to release the old energy and fully embrace our soul purpose.

Gillian Macbeth Louthan agrees: "Quantum entanglement will become a way of life. Slipping in and out of time and memory may become an Olympic sport. All episodes of solar activity influence time and how we perceive it. The past, present and future meet for a daily coffee and scone, discussing the future of time and Earth herself."

Lightning Strikes

The Star Elders call this time a lightning resurrection: "When one gets struck by lightning every molecule in the body comes completely apart, the lightning goes in between all the molecules, and then the body comes back together. Most of the time that lightning strike kills the receiver, but for the ones who survive, their lives are suddenly changed forever. When they come back together they are considered enlightened."

We are all being struck by metaphysical lightning as we surge towards quantum en-light-en-ment. Feeling like our fingers are perpetually struck in an electrical socket, our nervous systems are actually regenerating us into wholly new Beings.

Anyone who has returned from an NDE (near-death experience) describes how difficult it is to squeeze back into a 3D spacesuit, because out of the body, they experience the truth of our vastness.

Now we are each being gifted with an opportunity to expand into the immensity of our Light, without leaving our body behind - and it is a challenge to do this, here in the physical!

So say yes and bless your evolving Self. It's happening to, through, and for us All. There's nothing wrong with you, nothing to fear, simply a radical reinvention of all we've ever been and known.

Open to your vastness, let go, and flow...

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  2. We are being gifted with an opportunity to expand into the immensity of our Light without leaving our body behind - and it is a challenge, here in the physical! via @LiveYourLight

  3. There's nothing wrong with you, nothing to fear, simply a radical reinvention of all we've ever been and known. by @Amara_Rose

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Shine On

  • Global Love Day: The 18th annual celebration of the highest vibration we know takes place May 1, 2022 at a heart chakra near you.

  • Bioneers Conference: Bioneers returns for its first in-person gathering in two years, May 13-15, 2022. This year's theme: A Window Through. The founders write, "We're in the thick of a civilizational stress test. It feels like a permanent five-alarm emergency, signaling that massive change is inevitable. But it's more than just change; this scenario demands authentic transformation. We know human creativity is rising to solve the fundamental crises we face. There's a window through, and we'll open it together."

  • Grounding for Millennials - And Everyone Else. Simple tips to help you reconnect with Mother Earth and feel the power that flows from you and returns to you.

  • Conversations with the Zs: The Energetics of the New Human Soul. Lee Harris's guides advise saying, "I allow myself to feel everything. I allow myself to release everything. I allow myself to become who I am here to be." This can generate fear - or bliss. It's all a question of perception. The Zs counsel, "Become the antidote you think the Earth, and people, needs."

  • Afterlife Geography: Gregory Shushan, PhD, is the author of The Next World: Extraordinary Experiences of the Afterlife. In conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove on New Thinking Allowed, he illumines NDEs and OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences) from cultures around the world.

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