March 2019, Issue #210    

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"Magic is the willingness to cooperate with everything."

~ Caroline Casey, weaver of context for the astro*mytho*politico
guiding meta-narrative of now.

The Tao of Now: Making Magic

It's a cosmically compelling month: Chiron, the Wounded Healer/Teacher, has arrived in Aries for a long stay (until 2027), inviting us to "cease compulsively acting from our places of wounding and more maturely live our gifts in a fully embodied way."

Meanwhile, our old trickster Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 5th, making all of March somewhat watery, emotional.

It's a full-on fire and water dance, with the beginning and close of the zodiacal wheel (Aries and Pisces) prodding us to think, feel, and act with both grit and grace. Communication goes in and out of focus and clarity may be hard to come by, while creativity enjoys free reign.

Clearly (so to speak), the month known for coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb may be a bit catawampus: askew, oblique, off-center. Perhaps the lamb will step up and roar its approval of the evolving energy. Or the lion will take a well-deserved month-long nap. In these post-2012 times, anything is possible.

In a both/and world, we can wax poetic and wage peace simultaneously. Turn the art of the deal into dealing with one another as art. Shine our light as a symbolic roar - one of passion, not aggression.

Roaring Our Rising Benevolence

Says Aluna Joy, "It is a new alchemy...a magic we have inside us.

"This energy will heal, clear, and build what we wish to manifest. This 'roar' is somewhat similar to having a burst of kundalini energy, but even more so. This roar originates in the power of the heart, and it comes out of the throat as 'Raaaaaaaaaaaa.' The power of the SUN."

Peace ambassador Jasmuheen agrees. She refers to this time as riding the dragon of change. Her Light Being transmission reads, in part, "There is a longing to experience finally what it is like to live with honor, respect and dignity while also enjoying the diversity of culture and what each culture brings to this complicated world. To no longer live in competition or in fear or in lack, but to share and care for each other, to make human rights, as we have often invited, the number one priority in this world.

"The dragon is rising, benevolence is rising and calling everyone on Earth now to decide to make this journey in this next stage of evolution joyous, natural and organic.

"It is calling for the letting go of complication, of belief systems and models of reality that perpetuate separation, judgment and fear, for all are born at their core the same, for at the core of all and breathing all, is this benevolence, this magnificence, this pure beingness of great love and wisdom.

"As each one of you harmonizes and unifies within yourselves, coming into a deeper state of true union with that which breathes you and that which you hold at your core, then will all ride this dragon of change more easily."

It's our moment to live the magic that is our birthright. Liberate it from the sci-fi/gaming realm into 3D, with its 5D overlay beckoning us not just to believe, but know. This is how real change begins.

We are mythical creatures made real. Raaaaaaaaaaaa!

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(4) Mercury, our old cosmic trickster, turns retrograde in Pisces on the 5th, making all of March somewhat watery, emotional. by @LiveYourLight

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  • Wisdom 2.0: The annual conference at the nexus of science, spirit, and the digital age takes place in San Francisco March 1-3, 2019. This year's speaker roster is a study in diversity, including environmentalist and author Paul Hawken, and founder/Twitter cofounder Evan Williams, Upaya Zen Center founder Roshi Joan Halifax, and Sounds True founder Tami Simon.

  • 333 Stargate Global Activation: Join Meg Benedicte and lightbearers worldwide for a rare 333 Activation of Christed Consciousness. Webcast takes place Sunday, March 3rd, at 12 noon PST (replay available). This 11-minute video explains Meg's Quantum Access technique.

  • United Nations International Day of Happiness: The sixth annual Day of Happiness takes place on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, at a heart chakra near you. Reclaim your joy and take action for a happier, more heart-connected world.

  • World Water Day: March 22nd is the 26th annual water awareness day. This year's theme is "Leaving no one behind," an adaptation of the central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: as sustainable development progresses, everyone must benefit.

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