January 2019, Issue #208    

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"Here we are in this little circle of firelight we call the physical world,
surrounded by vast, pulsing mystery."

~ Terry Pratchett, English fantasy author

The Tao of Now: Decrypting Your Life

During my awakening journey, attempting to define my work, I mused, "What if I just call what I do, 'radiance'?" Later, I thought the word "frequency" would serve as well.

The planet seems to agree. On 11:11:11, Earth sounded a cosmic wake-up call. It wasn't the vibration of an earthquake or a nuclear test. One seismologist opined, "It was as though the planet rang like a bell, maintaining a low-frequency monotone as it spread."

It's intriguing: this event happened on 11:11, our annual transmutational gateway that beckons us to step out of rote and into remarkable. Gaia Herself was saying, the time is NOW.

Becoming Palpable of Purpose

A friend of mine, besotted with someone who lived lightly on the Earth plane, once wrote, "Will M--- become the first space cadet to completely dematerialize while pondering the weather?"

Her remark was spot-on: the focus on what is, is the key to decrypting our lives: filling them with color, energy, purpose, and passion. Pantone's Color of the Year for 2019 is living coral, which embraces warmth, nourishment, and nature - a major contrast to last year's ethereal ultraviolet. We're being drawn into our bodies and into the water element (emotion), allowing what tethers us to the mundane to deliquesce as we ring in the magical.

Gillian Macbeth Louthan says 2019 is all about the number 12, which is a higher octave of 3: "Twelve is about seeing the world through different eyes, new opportunity, letting go of doubts, and releasing old beliefs. The 'three' energy is about generosity and kindness in a place where practiced blessings become second nature.

"This is a place of expansion in consciousness; of universal duty and justice. Three is a highly dedicated number. The words associated with the vibration of three are 'blessing, deserve, teacher, thankful, peace, believe, and forgive."

From ScareCity to GeneroCity

Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd's description of philanthropy rings with three energy: Philanthropy, he says, literally means, "love of humanity," and can manifest in many ways. Rudd calls it the Law of Syntropy: a spirit of generosity that can have far-reaching rewards.

He says, "Even if you have no material resources, giving of yourself from a full and overflowing heart generates joy. Joy generates creativity, and creativity generates prosperity. Prosperity, especially when shared with those less fortunate, generates an eternal flow of light and life-giving abundance.

"The truly selfless act sends ripples out to the furthest quadrants of the universe, and that stirs the currents of grace, and grace leads to synchronicity. It's the original gift economy."

In his book, Consolations, incandescent poet and essayist David Whyte describes what it means to be an adult, living on purpose:

"Maturity...asks us to be larger, more fluid, more elemental, less cornered, less unilateral, a living conversational intuition between the inherited story, the one we are privileged to inhabit and the one, if we are large enough and broad enough, moveable enough and even, here enough, just, astonishingly, about to occur."

This is our eclectic, electric decryption key for 2019.

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(1) "Giving of yourself from a full and overflowing heart generates joy. Joy generates creativity, and creativity generates prosperity."
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(2) It's a living coral year, a time to infuse our lives with warmth, nourishment, nature, and magic. The keys are three and syntropy.
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(3) The focus on what is, is the key to decrypting our lives: filling them with color, energy, purpose, and passion.
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(4) The Color of the Year for 2019 is living coral. We're being drawn into our bodies, allowing what tethers us to the mundane to deliquesce as we ring in the magical.
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