October 2022, Issue #253    

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"It's the chance of a lifetime
In a lifetime of chance
And it's high time you joined
In the dance..."

~ Dan Fogelberg, Run for the Roses

The Tao of Now: Myth-ing the Point

When COVID first reared its transformational head and we huddled indoors, the outer world transformed. In under a month, the oceans and skies cleared. Himalayan peaks invisible for 30 years emerged from the mist. Los Angeles had no smog. Marine life flourished. And through it all, humans assembled jigsaw puzzles and quaked.

This was an earthquake of international magnitude, though few interpreted it that way.

It was a clear message from Mother: take humans out of the Earth equation, and all will be well - quickly. We were offered an immense opportunity to overhaul our way of thinking and behaving. And while some people in all sectors of the globe got it, the overarching consensus was: war. Eradicate the microscopic scourge, and return to comfort level.

Um, no. That was not the purpose of this latest emerge-and-see.

Become As Gods

To step into our own divinity requires a radical mindshift. Given this gift, fear kept most from making the mental leap. Yet the resources to dive into the mystic/mythic proliferate, because, ready or not, this is our moment. Humanity is becoming a new creation. All of our emotions are bubbling to the fore - September, with six planets retrograde, was especially noteworthy in this regard - and we have, literally, the chance of a lifetime to transmute.

Those who know are doing everything in their power to steward this awareness at scale. One example: Kenny Ausubel, co-founder of Bioneers, has produced a 10-part video series, Changing of the Gods, which uses the lens of archetypal astrology to "paint a sweeping journey into the arc of the moral universe across world-changing revolutionary epochs that epitomize the quest for liberation, freedom and justice." The film lands in "the fierce urgency of now" at this epic moment of revolutionary transformation.

In the mainstream: Yvon Chouinard, billionaire founder of outdoor apparel company Patagonia and co-founder of 1% for the planet, has given away the store in a move without precedent in the business world. In keeping with his lifelong love for the environment and philanthropic ethos, all of Patagonia's profits will now go towards alleviating climate change and protecting undeveloped land around the globe. Yeee-ha!

October is a fantastic reset month, as Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn all turn direct, followed by a new moon solar eclipse on the 25th.

Let's not "myth" the point of true possibility available to humanity now. Our transformation is in process, and unstoppable.

It's high time to join in the Dance.

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  2. Our transformation is in process, and unstoppable.
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  3. Humanity is becoming a new creation, and we have the chance of a lifetime to transmute.
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  4. To step into our own divinity requires a radical mindshift.
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Shine On

  • DNA Activation and Inter-dimensional Navigation: ETs, Parasites and Free Will. Geraldine Orozco leads an online event October 1 to help us master good energetic hygiene and soul empowerment within all dimensions. Unlimited replay available with registration.

  • 13th Annual Global Oneness Summit: Join more than 100 transformational leaders, spiritual visionaries, scientists, and award-winning musicians October 15-24 for this global gathering and celebration with performances, panels, mini-masterclasses and immersive experiences. Featuring Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Nassim Haramein, Vandana Shiva, Bruce Lipton, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lynne Twist, David Korten, and many more.

  • Moving Into Presence: Embracing the Future. The 26th Annual International Energy Healing Conference & Leadership Meeting takes place virtually October 14-23. If you want to learn about Healing Touch, this is your resource.

  • 36th Annual World Congress on Illumination: Join Lightworkers from around the world in Santa Fe, NM October 15-20, 2022 in co-creating the Divine Matrix for the New Earth, and the generational changing of the guard. Patricia Cota-Robles has been stewarding this global event since 1986. This year, for the first time, the World Congress will be offered both in-person and virtually.

  • Clearing Negative Energy Statement: Gillian Macbeth Louthan says, "Negative thoughts are magnetic and drawn to each other in the lower playing fields and frequencies of life. Thoughts create a chain and a reaction; they create torque and flux in frequency. Like a constant Om turned inside out, creating a modern MOO. Negative thoughts turn into a daily mantra. Power-up instead of powering down!

    "As we go thru these dimensional ups and downs fluidities and tunnels we may pick up some other worldly/timely energy that does not belong to us. Below is the perfect statement to clear that energy.

    I (insert your full name), refuse permission for any living and non-physical being to enter my body, mind, soul, spirit and energy field for intentions that are other than love. I break all contracts, vows and agreements I might have made knowingly or unknowingly thru all time, space, and dimensions that in any way diminish the fullest expression of my joyful soul essence. I break these agreements from this moment backwards, through every experience of my past, and from this moment forward until the end of all time. I command these energies to leave my body, mind and spirit Now! They have no power over me. I ask for divine protection and now build a shield of pure light around me with this heart intention and my free will. I thank the Universe and see it already completed. So be it!"

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