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Where The Celebration Begins

I left New Mexico on a Saturday in September, 1997, returning to California after a three-year healing hegira, two-thirds of it spent in Santa Fe. Waking in Sedona the following day, I wistfully realized that a time zone East, my friends were gathering at the James A. Little Theatre for the glorious Sunday sharing we call The Celebration. I walked into town, seeking solace in a place with the promising name, The Hub of the New Age.

The compassionate woman who listened to my longing for the spiritual community I'd just left glanced at the clock and said, "Why, there's a wonderful service starting in five minutes at the Earth Mother Father Foundation, right down the road."

Tingly with anticipation, I drove up to what looked like The Celebration in miniature. The spiritual leader, Jananda, was welcoming guests alongside several long-time church facilitators. Instead of a theatre, we gathered in a cozy storefront. In lieu of a piano, this smaller congregation had a tape player.

Jananda began, "Today we have a special treat. Our lovely soprano, Elaine, is going to sing for us." Elaine punched the button on the tape player and began, "You who dwell in the presence of the Lord..." I recognized the opening line to "On Eagles' Wings," the song that leads the candlelight communion at Celebration, and burst into sobs of exultation.

Remember you are always home. The message couldn't have been any clearer.

I recalled my first time at The Celebration. I cried throughout the service, in a state of pure joy. Later, I explained to a concerned congregant, "It's good to be home." She was confused when I said I'd never attended The Celebration before. I told her, "I know home when I feel it." The sense of welcome, of being held in the arms of Divine Love, was palpable. I still wear my Celebration T-shirt with reverence, and feel deeply heart-connected with my Santa Fe friends whenever I do.

No matter where we live or how we acknowledge this power, each of us is a cornucopia of spiritual sustenance. I learned that morning in Sedona to seek nourishment first in my own heart, then to allow this radiance to shine forth to all. The Celebration begins in every moment, with us.


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